So things are happening backstage. Slowly, but surely, they’re happening, and plans for an Australian/New Zealand horror con are coming together. Correct that, for an ANNUAL horror con…

Sure, it’s very early days, and yep, that bloody COVID-19 will dictate when the con will go ahead (won’t be before mid-2021 at the extreme earliest, the way the world is going, and likely much later), but there’s no harm in exploring the idea in detail right now. That way, we’ll be ready to go when the time is right.

Plus it gives us something to look forward to!

So the situation is currently this: there is a group of 13 wonderful people who have volunteered to help out; we have a name (slightly modified from what was run in 2013 but for good reasons, and one that will be revealed soon); we’re incorporating as a non-profit organization, and we even have 2, potentially 3, guests already signed on!

There’s more happening, some we don’t want to announce just yet, some we’re still figuring out, but we’ll soon be setting up a website and social media pages so we can have a place to hang out and chat, to discuss ideas and to tease with plans.

At that time, we’ll be seeking expressions of interest for all manner of things, from being involved in panels or workshops, exhibiting in what will be a mad and surreal exhibition hall, putting on special effects demonstrations, hosting movie premiers or previews – you name it, we’ll have it.

The AHWA will be there, and we hope a few other Australian horror groups and organizations will be, too. And we’re not just talking writing and publishing. This con will also cover film and TV, art, games, everything! If it’s horror-related, we want you there.

So for now, just keep your ear to the ground, or perhaps keep an eye on my blog or Facebook page, which I’ll use for further announcements until we have a con website and social media profiles set up. If you’re keen to get involved, let me know. We want this to be an all-encompassing horror extravaganza, but we’re going to need your help.

I’m super excited about this! Even just the planning part of it is giving me a buzz. No idea when we’ll be able to run this, but it’s still exciting!

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