[Update, September 2019] A lot of these articles and interviews are no longer available online, so I will have to hunt down copies and put them here for prosperity, if nothing else.]


  • AHWA: Raising Hell (regular column in Black Magazine, 2008)
  • Digging Beneath ‘Phosphor; an Ischian mystery’ by J Filmore Sherry (Studies in Australian Weird Fiction 3 , 2009)
  • Colonial Ghosts and Modern Terrors: An Overview of Australian Horror Fiction (Reading Down Under; Australian Literary Studies Reader 2009)
  • Muncaster’s Ghosts – the Science and the Fiction (Borderlands Issue 9, 2007) – read the article here.


  • Author Interviews: Marty Young  (ASIM #48, 2010)
  • A Word with the President, Dr. Marty Young (Black Magazine Issue 1, 2008)
  • Darkness Be My Scribe: An Interview with Marty Young (Studies in Australian Weird Fiction, March 2008)
  • Dark Fortunes for Australian Horror (Articulate, October 31, 2007)
  • 2007 Snapshot Interview: Marty Young (ASiF! Snapshot 2007)
  • Writing Horror, with Marty Young (The Writing Show, October 2005)