When I posted last Friday the 13th that I’d completed the first draft of novel #3, a wild and wacky friend of mine challenged me to complete the first draft of novel #4 by next Friday the 13th in June 2014. It was a challenge I accepted, but also the beginning of what’s now called the Black Friday Wager.

The idea is that every black Friday, you put forth a goal to be completed by the next Friday the 13th, and a friend will take you up on that challenge. You agree on the wager, and then you’re off. For example, I have a bottle of Jura Superstition whisky on me completing novel #4 by June the 13th. If I achieve that goal, my friend buys me that bottle. If I don’t, then I buy her the bottle.


It’s a brilliant scheme, one that has already seen a good number of other friends join in and place goals. The goals don’t have to be writing ones but can be anything you’ve wanted to achieve but have lacked the motivation for. And the friends taking part, those who place the wager with you, have to be supportive, and that’s important. They have to be supportive of everyone who has placed a black Friday wager. There will be no condemnation if you don’t achieve your goal, no bitter comments along the way.

It’s important to remember that this is first and foremost a fun endeavor. At the first sign of discontent, the guilty party will be shot and buried in a shallow grave (or maybe just booted from the group).

We have set up a Facebook group, where all of the black Friday wagers will be made, and we’ll be keeping a spreadsheet of the wagers. If anyone else is interested in making a Black Friday Wager, drop me a line. I know it’s no longer black Friday, but as this idea has only just been created, we’re doing a timey wimey kinda thing and claiming that it’s still black Friday – but only for a little bit longer.

Now I guess I’d best get started on novel #4, which will be the final part in a trilogy.