So as this surreal and life-changing pandemic world continues, let’s turn from those nightmares for a bit and celebrate what some awesome Aussie/Kiwi writers of nightmares are doing. If you’re looking for something to read during these troubled times, you can’t go wrong by picking anything below. [The following are select bits from my monthly Dropbears and Taniwha column for the HWA’s newsletter.]

The Aurealis Awards finalists for 2019 were announced on March the 25th, and a special congratulations goes to our horror finalists:


“Loose Stones” by Joanne Anderton (Infinite Threads)

“The Mark” by Grace Chan (Verge 2019: Uncanny) 

“Pilgrimage” by Matthew R Davis (Breach #10)

“The Unwrapping” by Terry Dowling (Echoes)

“Of Meat and Man” by Jason Fischer (SNAFU: Last Stand, Cohesion Press)

“Vivienne and Agnes” by Chris Mason (Beside the Seaside – Tales from the Day Tripper)

“The Moth Tapes” by J. Ashley Smith (Aurealis #117, Chimaera Publications)


“Yellowheart” by Alan Baxter (Served Cold)

“Supermassive Black Mass” by Matthew R Davis (Short Sharp Shocks! #21)

“Into Bones Like Oil” by Kaaron Warren (Into Bones Like Oil)


Chuwa: The Rat People of Lahore by Brian Craddock (Broken Puppet Books)

Remains by Andrew Cull (IFWG Pub Australia) 

A Riddle in Bronze by Simon Haynes (Bowman Press) 

The Rich Man’s House by Andrew McGahan (Allen & Unwin) 

Body Farm Z by Deborah Sheldon (Severed Press) 

Check out the full list at: Congratulations to all those nominated!! Winners will be announced later this year.

Claire Fitzpatrick’s new novella, Indigo, is now available from Amazon:

An unexpected string of suicides. A cantankerous woman. A strange zodiac talisman everyone who died seems to be connected to. What does it all mean? And will Rob uncover the mystery before it is too late to save himself? “Unexpected, confronting, and poignant.” 5/5

Indigo Claire Fitzpatrick

Dimension6 issue 19 is now available for free download from: This issue features fiction by Deborah Sheldon, Tais Teng, and Damir Salkovic. And while you’re checking that one out, you should probably take a moment to check out all their other publications, as Dimension6 produces quality work. Their online store can be found at

David Wood and Alan Baxter have bumped up the release of Sanctum (Adrenaline Press), their prequel novella to the Jake Crowley Adventures, to… now! It’s available now from all usual outlets, but for purchasing options, best to check out Alan’s website:  

Sanctum David Wood Alan Baxter

Zachary Ashford‘s new novel, Sole Survivor (Unnerving Magazine), is now available from Amazon: 

When the contestants of Reality TV show Sole Survivor find themselves stranded on a tropical island, there’s no hope of rescue. Unfortunately, the producers have other ideas. Like letting them find the island’s killer drop bears for themselves. Like letting them die.

“Tasty B-movie creature fun at a blistering pace… Gory. Nasty. I heartily recommend it.” D.I. Russell – Scream Ride.

Sole Survivor Zachary Ashford

Things in the Well have recently released book 1 of Infected, Tales to Read at Home. All proceeds will go to the Save the Children Coronavirus Response fund. Featuring stories by the likes of Lisa Morton, Lee Murray, Kevin J. Anderson, and many more, this anthology contains a healthy mix of new and reprinted stories. All with the theme of infection… And all for charity.

Infected, Tales to Read at Home

Things in the Well also have book 2 of Infected, Tales to Read Alone up for pre-order at:, and will be released April 26. This is another all-for-charity anthology, for the Save the Children Coronavirus Response, and features fiction by John Palisano, Eric J. Guignard, Chris Mason, and more.

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Stay safe, everyone!

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