February 2020

At the 2019 Australasian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) AGM last last year, all committee positions were declared vacant, and a new committee was voted in. They are as follows:

President – Greg Chapman
Vice President – Alan Baxter
Secretary – James Doig (acting)
Treasurer – James Doig
Membership Officer – Al Hodge

General Committee Members:
Bernie Rutkay
Lynette Watters
Anthony Ferguson

It’s great to see Greg leading from the front for another year. Along with his previous committees, he has done a stellar job bringing the AHWA back from extinction.

Being on the committee of an organization like the AHWA is a volunteer role, but it’s also an absolutely vital one. The AHWA – or any organization for that matter – doesn’t function without the hard work of those willing to offer up their time and effort.

So doff your hat to those above, and here’s to another great year of continued growth for the AHWA.

Elsewhere, the super wonderful Lee Murray has initiated something great (the following text is from the SpecFicNZ website):

Wright-Murray Residency for Speculative Fiction Writers in New Zealand

‘SpecFicNZ are delighted to announce the introduction of the Wright-Murray Residency for Speculative Writers beginning in 2020.’

‘To create the residency and to support the wellbeing of our speculative writing community, Lee Murray, award-winning writer and a SpecFicNZ life member, has joined forces with philanthropist Chloe Wright of The Wright Family Foundation to offer a week’s residency to allow a New Zealand speculative writer with a specific project the freedom to write. The residency will take place by arrangement at ‘Fallohide’, a Bay of Plenty country estate and a place which is, very appropriately, imbued with fantasy, says the owner.’

‘The residency at Fallohide offers seven night’s access to a private room as well as the residence’s numerous communal areas which include gorgeous salons, a formal dining room, and a large eat-in kitchen overlooking the potager. The property itself is a French-inspired country estate tucked into the countryside with a swimming pool, gazebo, formal gardens, and ready access to the ocean and beach.’

‘As well as the accommodation, the winning writer will receive up to $1000 towards transport and food costs, and ten hours of mentorship or peer support to assist them in developing their work. In return, the writer will be asked to donate an hour of their time to a community writers’ group or school, which the residency will arrange on their behalf.’

‘Entries are open to all writers of speculative works (short fiction, novella, or novel, for adults or youth) residing in New Zealand.’

Applications close 30 March 2020. Full information is at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYmgal5IPezKvFEgEik-WB9kij35m2vjHlk4d2IEftwW_6-g/viewform

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