Happy Hallowe’en! And to celebrate (so what if you live in Australia, we’re horror lovers, right?), my debut novel 809 Jacob Street is now available! I’m doing a happy dance up here in the jungles in my tree kangaroo loincloth. The natives think I’m doing some kind of pagan ritual to summon a forgotten god, but I’m not (perhaps they’re more stunned by my white belly and chicken legs. That’s quite possible).

Anyway, here are the links to where you can purchase a copy:

Print (AU$9.99 + postage)
Black Beacon Books

Digital ($3.99)

809 Jacob Street

Have I said I’m happy about this development? No? Oh, well, please, let me just add that I’m kind of freakin’ happy about this! I have a book out, a horror novel. How cool is that?

Now I need to pull my finger out and finish off this blasted synopsis for novel number 2, which is sitting ready and waiting to tackle the world. So hop to it, pal. Stop fluffing around on social media and get working. This damn thing won’t get done otherwise.