This post is a bit late, but that tends to be my style, unfortunately…

The very cool and Bram Stoker Award-winning author Gwendolyn Kiste was gracious enough during December to spotlight on her blog the poets of the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase, Volume 6, me being one of them. Somehow.

The HWA Poetry Showcase was edited by multiple Stoker nominee and Stoker winner for poetry Stephanie M. Wytovich. It contains poems from 50 poets including the likes of RJ Joseph, Donna Lynch, Sara Tantlinger, Michael A. Arnzen, Marge Simon, Michael Bailey, Saba Syed Razvi, and so many more! It’s a huge volume!!

[I’m still not sure what I’m doing in it!]

Gwendolyn provided a short series of questions asking the contributors about our pieces in the book as well as our inspiration and forthcoming work. The Roundtable was broken into 4 parts, with 1 part posted each week through the month of December. It was a lot of fun – although it’s clear that I’m rather ignorant of horror poetry!

Heck, it’s certainly not something I write, or read, very often at all. Here was Gwendolyn’s first question, and my repsponse:

GK: Congratulations to all of you for being part of this incredible table of contents for the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume 6. Please tell us a little about your piece in the anthology.

MY: I don’t often write poetry. Actually, I only write poetry when I’m going through tough times. I have a book at home filled with pieces I’ve written during various dark periods of my life. ‘Not Enough’ comes from that book. I went through a time where I just couldn’t write. I couldn’t face the page and had no ideas in my head. As I said in a story once, I wrote my head empty and it never filled again. So that poem was my frustration, and my way of seeing that there was something much deeper going on than just a lack of ideas.

But my ignorance aside, there are some wonderfully informative replies to some great questions in this Roundtable. It’s well worth checking out, and heck, the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume 6 is definitely worth your time, too.

A huge thank you to Gwendolyn for this mammoth effort, and to Stephanie for putting together such a wonderful showcase.

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