The World’s Awakening [London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1908, pp.463.]

NICHOLSON, John Henry (1838-1923)

Adventures of Halek: An autobiographical fragment [London: Griffith, Farrar, 1882, pp.372. First Australian edition entitled Halek Brisbane: A. J. Ross 1896.]

NISBET Hume (1859-1932)

The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom: A Yarn of the Papuan Gulf [London: Ward & Downey, 1888.]

The Black Drop: A Psychological Study [London: Trischler & Co., 1891.]

Sensational thriller with some Australian content.

The Savage Queen: A Romance of the Natives of Van Dieman’s Land [London: F.V. White, 1891.]

The “Jolly Roger”: A Story of Sea Heroes and Pirates [London: Digby Long, 1893.]

Sea adventure with fantastic elements.

Valdemar the Viking. A Romance of the Eleventh Century by Sea and Land [London: Hutchinson, 1893, pp.306.]

Historical lost race fantasy.

The Haunted Station and other Stories [London: F.V. White, 1893, pp.314.]

Hume Nisbet

General fiction collection, including the much anthologised ghost story, “The Haunted Station”, most recently anthologised in Gelder and Weaver (eds) The Anthology of Colonial Australian Gothic Fiction (2007). Also contains other supernatural fiction, such as, “The Odic Touch”, “An Ocean Dream”, “A Queensland Illiad”, “The Demon Spell” (a Jack the Ripper story reprinted in Michel Parry (ed), Jack the Knife (1975)), “The Face at the Window”, “The Phantom Model” (reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed), Gaslit Nightmares (1988)), “Marce St. Pierre”, “Through the Gap, A New Guinea Adventure”, “A Deadly Voyage”, “Delphine”, “Humphrey Bolin’s Account of the Spanish Armada Invasion”.

The Great Secret. A Tale of Tomorrow [London: F.V. White, 1895, pp.288.]

Occult romance.

Kings of the Sea: A Story of the Spanish Main [London: F.V. White & Co, 1896, pp. 282.]

Sea adventure with a lost utopian island.

The Swampers – A Romance of the Westralian Goldfields [London: F.W. White, 1897, pp.312.]

The Empire Makers [London: F.V. White & Co., 1900, pp. 312.]

Lost race adventure.

Stories Weird and Wonderful [London: F.V. White, 1900, pp.127.]

General fiction collection, including the supernatural stories, “A Cup of Samos”, “The Old Wreck”, “The Vampire Maid” (reprinted in Richard Dalby (ed), Dracula’s Brood (1987), “Norah and the Fairies” (reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007)), “The Old Portrait” (reprinted in Richard Dalby (ed), Dracula’s Brood (1987) and in Angela Challis and Marty Young, Macabre (2010)).

Mistletoe Manor [London: John Long, 1902, pp.462.]

Short story collection with some supernatural tales.

Almoni: A Companion Volume to Halek [Brisbane & Sydney: Edward Dunlop, 1904, pp.285.]

NORTON, Rosaleen (1917-1979)

Three Macabre Stories [Francestown NH: Typographeum, 1996, pp.48.]

Stories originally published in Smith’s Weekly in the 1930s.

O’DONNELL, Phillip James

Secret Weapons [Melbourne: Wilke & Co., 1941, pp.64.]

OGILVIE, Arthur James

The Ape Man [Hobart: Daily Post, 1913.]

Experiences of an ape-like man among the savages of the Amazon.

OSMOND, Sophie

An Australian Wooing: A Story of Trade, a Gold-Mine and a Ghost [Letchworth, England: Garden City Press, 1916.]

Osmond also contributed three weird stories to Phil May’s Christmas Annual.

O’REILLY, John Boyle (1844-1890)

The King’s Men [New York: Scribner, 1884, pp.270 (see above under GRANT, Robert)]

Moondyne [New York: Scribner, 1879, pp.327.]

PAIGE, Ethel C. M.

Strange Experiences of Tina Malone, the Girl Who Heard Voices [Sydney: Waverly Book Co., 1922, pp.96.]

Occultism and psychic healing.

PALMER-ARCHER, Laura M. (“Bushwoman”) (1864-1929)

A Bush Honeymoon and Other Stories [London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1904, pp.350.]

General fiction collection.

PARKES, Varney (1859 – 1935)

Aerial and Terrestrial Transit [Sydney: William Dymock, 1895.]

PATCHETT, Mary (1897 – 1989)

Kidnappers of Space [Sydney: Lutterworth, 1953, pp.192.]

Lost on Venus : the Thrilling Story of Two Boys Who Land on the Planet and Explore a Fantastic World [Sydney: Lutterworth, 1954, pp.192.]

Space Captives of the Golden Men [New York: Bobbs-Meril, 1955, pp.222.]

Adam Troy, Astroman: the Exciting Story of How a Great Space-Pilot Saved the World from Radiation Beasts [Sydney: Lutterworth, 1954, pp.189.]

Flight to the Misty Planet [New York: Bobbs-Meril, 1956.]

Send for Johnny Danger: the Amazing Adventures of the Ace Pilot, Captain Danger, and His Crew on the Moon [Sydney: Lutterworth, 1956, pp.174.]

PENGREEP, William (pseudonym of W.T. Pearson) (1905 – 1991)

The Temple of Sahr [Melbourne: Lothian, 1932, pp.328.]

Lost race fantasy set in Australia.

POTTER, Robert

The Germ Growers: An Australian Story of Adventure and Mystery, by Robert Easterly and William Wilbraham [Melbourne: Melville, Mullen & Slade; London: Hutchinson, 1892, pp.274.]

Story of aerial beings and journeys in central Australia.

PRAED, Mrs. Rosa C. (1851-1935)

Papers are in the National Library of Australia.

Nadine: the Study of a Woman [London: Chapman and Hall, 1882, 2 vols.]


Affinities: A Romance of Today [London: Bentley & Son, 1885, 2 vols.]

Psychic domination of a young woman by a decadent.

The Brother of the Shadow. A Mystery of To-day [London: Routledge, 1886, pp.158. Reprinted by Arno]

Occult romance.

The Soul of Countess Adrian [London: Trissher, 1891, pp.192.]

Rosa Praed


As a Watch in the Night: A Drama of Waking and Dreams in Five Acts [London: Chatto and Windus, 1900, pp.468.]

Pre-existence and reincarnation.

Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush [London: John Long, 1902, pp.428.]

Lost race.

The Insane Root: A Romance of a Strange Country [London: Unwin, 1902, pp.380.]

Rosa Praed

Occult romance.

The Ghost [London: Everett & Co., 1903, pp.304.]

The Other Mrs. Jacobs: A Matrimonial Complication [London: Torg 1903, pp.309.]

Substitution of personalities.

Nyria [London: Unwin, 1904, pp.432.]

By their Fruits: A Novel [London: Cassell, 1908, pp.423.]

Substitution of personalities.

Stubble Before the Wind [London: John Long, 1908, pp.316.]

Rare fiction collection with some supernatural stories, including “The Ghost-Monk” (reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007)), “The Ill-Omened House”, “Mrs Crossen’s Familiar”.

The Body of His Desire, A Romance of the Soul [London: Cassell, 1912.]

Occult romance of the temptation of a clergyman by a supernatural femme fatale.

The Mystery Woman [London: Cassell, 1913, pp.348.]


The Soul of Nyria: The Memory of a Past Life in Ancient Rome [London: Rider, 1931, pp.446.]

A rewriting of Nyria.

PRICE, Theodore

God in the Sand: An Australian Mystical Romance [Sydney: P.R. Stephenson, 1934, pp.288.]

Concerned with legendary Alcheringa times in Central Australia.


Celestalia: A Fantasy, A. D. 1975 [Sydney: Canberra Press, 1933, pp.278.]

Great terrestrial changes and migrations have occurred and their effects on Australia are shown

QUINN, Roderic Joseph (1867-1949)

Mostyn Stayne: A Novel [Melbourne: G Robertson, 1897, pp.224.]

Diary of a man whose remains are found in central Australia.

PARTRIDGE, Eric (pseudonym of James Ray)

The Scene is Changed [London: Heritage, 1932, pp.293.]

ROBERTS, Morley (1857-1942)

King Billy of Ballarat and Other Stories [London: Lawrence & Bullen, 1892, pp.270.]

General fiction collection.

Red Earth [London: Lawrence & Bullen, 1894, pp.300.]

General fiction collection.

The Adventure of the Broad Arrow [London: Hutchinson, 1897, pp.276.]

The Keeper of the Waters and Other Stories [London: Skeffington & Son, 1898, pp.340.]

General fiction collection, including “The Anticipator” and “The Hatter of Howlong”.

Midsummer Madness [London: Eveleigh Nash, 1909, pp.255.]

General fiction collection, including “The Fog”, “A Thing of Wax”, “The Blood Fetish”.

ROBIN, C. Ernest

The Clairaudient: A Story of Psychical Research [Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1896.]

ROBINSON, Les. (1886-1968)

The Giraffe’s Uncle [Sydney: Macquarie Head Press, 1933, pp.165.]

Short stories and fables.

ROSA, Samuel Albert (1866-1940)

The Coming Terror; or, The Australian Revolution: A Romance of the 20th Century [Sydney: Author 1894, pp.35. Reprinted as Olivier Spence, the Australian Caesar, or, the Coming Terror Sydney: Author 1895, pp.35.]

ROWCROFT, Charles (1798-1856)

The Triumph of Woman; a Christmas Story [London: Parry, 1848.]

Describes the adventures on Earth by a visitor from another planet.

RATA (pseudonym of Thomas Richard Roydhouse)

The Coloured Conquest [Sydney: NSW Bookstall. 1904, pp.126.]

Future war novel.

RUSSELL, Arthur (1889 – 1971)

Mystery of the Luminous Ray [Dublin: Mellifont, 1935, pp.160.]

Dr Hades [Melbourne: Wilke & Co., 1941, pp.64.]

Crocodile City [Sydney: Transport Publishing, 1945, pp.66.]

The Sky Pirates [Sydney: Cassell & Co., 1946, pp.240.]

RUTLEY, C. Bernard

The Cave of Winds [London: Warne, 1954, pp.256.]


ST. CLAIR, Vivian B.

In a Trance: A Hypnotic Mystery: Founded on Fads of Local Connection [Melbourne: Crabb & Yelland, 1892.]

SANDES, John (1863-1938)

Love and the Aeroplane: a Tale of To-morrow [Sydney: NSW Bookstall Co., 1910, pp.244.]


Scorched Earth [Sydney: Currawong, 1944, pp.153.]

SCOTT, George Firth

The Last Lemurian: A Westralian Romance [London: Bowden, 1898, pp.339.]

George Firth Scott

Lost race fantasy set in Western Australia. A shorter version, called “Tor Ymmot, Queen of Lemuria” appeared in the extra Christmas number of The Golden Penny, December, 1896.

Possessed [London: Rider, 1912, pp.303.]

SETON, Georgina

Bring Another Glass [Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1944, pp.235.]

SHERRY, J. Filmore

Phosphor: an Ischian Mystery [Melbourne: Centennial Publishing Co., 1888.]

J Filmore Sherry

Lost race fantasy.

SHUTE, Nevil (1899-1960)

What Happened to the Corbetts [London: Heinemann, 1939, pp.267.]

An Old Captivity [London: Heinemann, 1939, pp.312.]

In the Wet [London: Heinemann, 1953, pp.354.]

On the Beach [London: Heinemann, 1957, pp.312.]

SIMPSON, Helen De Guerry (1897-1940)

The Baseless Fabric [Heinemann, 1925]

Helen De Guerry Simpson

General short story collection with several supernatural tales reminiscent of Henry James. 

Boomerang [London: Heinemann, 1932, pp.506.]

The Woman on the Beast, Viewed from Three Angles [London: Heinemann, 1933, pp.492.]

SLADEN, Douglas (1856-1946)

Fair Inez: A Romance of Australia [London: Hutchinson, 1918, pp.283.]

SMEATON, William Henry Oliphant

The Treasure Cave of the Blue Mountains [Edinburgh: Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, 1898, pp. 312.]

Children’s lost race.

SMITH, Barbara Dale

Sariska Benori [Melbourne: McCubbian, 1922, pp.129.]

Romance and fantasy of the Land of Ice and Snow and the Land of Sunshine.

SMITH, James (1820-1910)

Original Story: A Tale of a World: with an addendum [Maryborough Advertiser reprint, 1875]

A short spiritual fantasy.

The Secret of the Sphinx, or, the Ring of Moses [London: Philip Wellby, 1906.]

SOUTHALL, Ivan (1921- )

Meet Simon Black [Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1950, pp.210.]

Simon Black in Peril [Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1951, pp.220.]

Simon Black in Space [Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1952, pp.219.]

Simon Black and the Spacemen [Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1955, pp.228.  Reissued by the same publisher as Simon Black On Venus in 1974.]

Simon Black Takes Over [Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1959, pp.155.]

SPARROW, Lionel (1867-1936)

 A little known Australian author who wrote several horror stories for the Australian Journal from the late 1880s to about 1910. “The Jewelled Hand” and the vampire tale “Vengeance of the Dead” have recently been anthologised.

SPAULL, George (1876-1965)

Where the Stars are Born [Sydney: William Brooks, 1943, pp.200.]

SPENCE, Catherine Helen (1825-1910)

Handfasted [London: Penguin Books, 1984, pp.378.  Originally appeared in 1879.]

A Week in the Future [Sydney: Hale & Iremonger, 1987, pp.136. Reproduces the original text serialised in the Centennial Magazine, December 1888 to July 1889.]

SPOTSWOOD, Christopher

Voyage of Will Rogers to the South Pole [ed. by C. Spotswood Launceston: Examiner’s Office, 1888, pp.40.]

Fantastic traveller’s tale of an Antarctic people.

STEAD, Christina (1902-1983)

The Salzburg Tales [London: Peter Davies, 1932, pp. 498.]

Fantasy tales modelled on The Decameron.

STEWART, Douglas (1913 – 1985)

Shipwreck [Sydney: Shepherd Press, 1947, pp.96.]

Poetic drama.

STOCK, Ralph (1881 – ?)

The Recipe for Rubber [Sydney: NSW Bookstall Co., c.1912, pp.134.]

STONE, Graham and WILLIAMS, Royce

Zero Equals Nothing [Sydney: Futurian Press, 1951, pp.27.]

SUTHERLAND, George (1855-1905)

The Capture of Adelaide: A Possibility of 1894 [Sydney: G. Sutherland, 1893, pp.46.]

SYDMORT, Theodore

The Sacred fire: A Subject from the Records of Father Denniss, embellished by E. P. and edited by T. Sydmort [London: Walls, 1928]


T., J. M.

A Trip to Mars [Auckland, New Zealand: Wilson & Horton, Printers, 1901, pp. 49.]

TIMMS, Edward Vivian (1895-1960)

Cities Under the Sea [Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1948, pp.242.]


The Man From Mars [Sydney: W.M. Madgwick & Sons, 1903, pp.88.]



Minds Unmoored [Burwood, NSW: F.J. Thwaites Publishing Co., 1936, pp.237.]


World D: Being a Brief Account of the Founding of Helioxenon [New York: Sheed & Ward, 1935, pp.320.]

TUCKER, Horace (Alan G. Yates)

The New Arcadia; An Australian Story [Melbourne: G. Robertson, 1894, pp.314.]

Utopian commune.

VALDEZ, Paul (writing name of Carter Brown, i.e. Alan G. Yates)

Hyponotic Death [Sydney: Transport Publishing, 1949.]

The Fatal Focus [Sydney: Transport Publishing, 1950, pp.50.]

Paul Valdez

A photographer acquires x-ray vision, and the ability to kill by staring at people, after an accident with a new chemical photograph developer.

The Time Thief [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller no. 27, 1951.]

Paul Valdez

A medium named Arturo Cabell discovers he can transport people backwards in time, while someone from that period is transported to the present.

Flight Into Horror [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 29, 1951.]

Paul Valdez

A test pilot turns into a monster after flying his jet plane at unheard of speeds.

Murder Gives Notice [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 30, 1951, pp.34.]

Paul Valdez

Celluloid Suicide? [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller, 1951, pp.34.]

Paul Valdez

The owner of a film studio acquires a time machine.  He transports himself 300 years into the future and falls in love with green-haired Katrina.

Killer by Night [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 33, 1951.]

Paul Valdez

Satan’s Sabbath! [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 35, 1951.]

Paul Valdez

You Can’t Keep Murder Out [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 36, 1951, pp.34.]

Kill Him Gently [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 37, 1951.]

Mystery thriller involving a secret spy ring.

Ghosts Don’t Kill [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 38, 1951.]

Paul Valdez

The Murder I Don’t Remember [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 39, 1952, pp.34.]

Paul Valdez

No Future in Murder [Sydney: Transport Publishing, ST Scientific Thriller, 1952.]

The Killer Who Wasn’t There! [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 41, 1952.]

Paul Valdez

The Maniac Murders [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 42, 1952.]

Paul Valdez

Feline Frame-Up [Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 43, 1952.]

Paul Valdez

Crime thriller.

VALENTINE, Victor (1918-)

Cure for Death [London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1960, pp.238.]


The Celestial Hand: A Sensational Storm [Sydney: J. C. McCartie, 1903, pp.256.]

A red hand in the eastern sky portends the destruction of Sydney.

VOGEL, Sir Julius

Anno Domini 2000, or, Woman’s Destiny [London: Hutchinson, 1889, pp.331.]

WALFORD, Frank (1882 – ?)

Twisted Clay [London: T. Werner Laurie, 1933, pp.249.]

Frank Walford

Story about a psychopathic young woman. Banned in Australia in 1935. Reprinted by Horwitz in 1960.

The Ghost and Albert, and Other Stories [London: T. Werner Laurie, 1945, pp. 189.]

General fiction collection with some fantastic content. “The three stories in this volume were broadcast as serials by the Australian Broadcasting Commission”, p. 8.

WALKER, W. H. (Writing name for Ranken, George) (1827 – 1895)

The Invasion [Sydney: Turner & Henderson, 1877, pp.159.]

WALKER, William Sylvester (“Coo-ee”) (1846-1926)

When the Mopoke Calls [London: John Long, 1899, pp.242.]

General fiction collection. “The Evil of Yelcomorn Creek” and “A Ghost of the Australian Interior” are reprinted in Ken Gelder (ed) The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994)

The Silver Queen: A Tale of the Northern Territory [London: John Ouseley, 1908, pp. 338.]

Lost race novel

At Possum Creek [London: Bennett, 1915.]

William Sylvester Walker

WALLACE, John (1892-1968)

Invasion [Melbourne: Popular Publications, 1940, pp.288.]

WALSH, James Morgan (1897-1952)

The Lost Valley [Melbourne: C.J. DeGaris, 1921.]

Tat-Tap Island [Sydney: Bookstall Company, 1921.]

Overdue: A Romance of Unknown New Guinea [Sydney: States Publishing, 1925.]

The Mystery of the Crystal Skull [London: John Hamilton, 1926.]

The Hand of Doom [London: Hamilton, 1927, pp.288.]

Egyptian black magic with international fencing of antiques.

The Secret of the Crater [London: Hurst, 1930, pp.287. Published under the pseudonym H. Haverstock Hill.]

Strange tribes are found in an unknown city hidden in a crater.

Vandals of the Void [London: Hamilton, 1931, pp.288.]

“Terror Out of Space” [Amazing Stories, February 1934.]

Secret Weapons [London: Collins, 1940, pp.252.]

Vanguard to Neptune [London: Cherry Tree Books, 1952, pp.190.]

Originally appeared as a serial in Wonder Stories Quarterly in 1931.

Spies’ Vendetta [London: Collins, 1936, pp.282.]


The Golden Idol; A Tale of Adventures in Australia and New Zealand [Chicago: Donohue & Henneberry, 1891, pp.333.]

WATSON, Henry Brereton Marriott (1863-1921)

Marahuna, A Romance [London: Longmans, 1888.]

Henry Brereton Marriott Watson

Lost race novel.

Diogenes of London and Other Fantasies [London: Methuen, 1893, pp.232.]

Collection of ‘decadent’ fiction, sketches and essays, including “The Devil of the Marsh”, “The Thing in the Copse”, and “The Brazen Cross”.

Heart of Miranda [London: John Lane, 1898, pp.335.]

General fiction collection, including “A Resurrection”, and “The Stone Chamber”, a vampire story reprinted in Richard Dalby (ed), Dracula’s Brood (1987).

Alarums and Excursions [London: Methuen, 1903, pp.312.]

General fiction collection, including “A Soldier of Fortune”.

Aftermath [London: Chapman & Hall, 1919, pp.264.]

General fiction collection, including “Over the Wire”, “The Mill House”, and “The Séance”.

The Devil of the Marsh and Other Stories [ed. by James Doig. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2004.]

Collects the supernatural tales from his short story collections.

WATSON, Henry Crocker Marriott (1835-1901)

Erchomenon: or, The Republic of Materialism [London: Sampson Low, 1879.]

Dream fantasy 500 years hence.

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire: or, The Witch’s Cavern [London: Trischler & Co., 1890, pp.291.]

In 2990 an Australian, William Furley, travels to Britain and records his experiences there.

WAUGH, Michael

Fangs of the Vampire [Sydney: Cleveland Publishing, 1954, pp.34.]

Michael Waugh

Standard vampire fare.

The Living Dead [Sydney: Cleveland Publishing, 1954, pp.34.]

Mad professor tale.

Back From the Dead [Sydney: Cleveland Publishing, 1954.]

Michael Waugh

The Mystery of the Abominable Snowman [Sydney: Cleveland Publishing Co., 1954.]

Michael Waugh


The Garage Skeleton [Sydney: Currawong, c. 1943, pp.80.]

VC West

WILSON, William Hardy

Yin-Yang [Flowerdale, Tasmania: The Author, 1934.]

Young adult fantasy


Dead Man’s Slippers [Sydney: Currawong, nd.]

A man steps into another man’s slippers after that other man has been killed.


Shock Stories [Sydney: Horwitz, 1962.]

James Workman

Terrifying Stories [Sydney: Horwitz, 1962.]

James Workman

Horror Tales [Sydney: Horwitz, 1963.]

James Workman

The Witch Hunters [Sydney: Horwitz, 1963.]

James Workman

A-C, D-G, H-M