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Featuring eighteen tales of horror and madness, with illustrations by David Schembri and an introduction by multiple award winning author Kaaron Warren.

Behind the Midnight Blinds

From the introduction by multiple award-winning author Kaaron Warren:

“Marty Young epitomizes the theory that horror writers are amongst the nicest people. He’s done enormous amounts for the Australian horror writing community and continues to do so. He represents a positive figure to me, a person who loves genre and believes in it.

All of this shines through his work. This collection is like a love story to horror, and it demonstrates his skill as an author, his great knowledge of the genre, and his abiding, deep humanity. Marty Young has a heart (and no, it doesn’t belong to that guy who went missing a year or so ago).

This might be a controversial take, but I think the best horror is a testament to the importance of relationships, of love, of caring, and of being a part of whatever community you inhabit in the best way you can. There are cautionary tales here where things go wrong, where selfish people cause damage and become monstrous. There are stories that cut open the guts and show us what really writhes within, stories that hit you at a body-horror level, making you question reality.

Then there are the stories of true monsters.”