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Selected Markets

The markets listed on this page are ones that accept horror and pay semi-pro to pro rates. I’ve tried to keep the list up-to-date, but things change all the time, so best to check their guidelines. Any that become defunct, I will remove, but otherwise, here they are:

UPDATED: 26 January, 2015


Ghost in the Cogs (alternative steampunk ghost stories: 6c/word: 4k limit: DEADLINE APR 1)
Monsters (5c/word: DEADLINE JAN 30)
Tomorrow’s Cthulhu (6c/word: 4k limit: DEADLINE APR 1)

Pro Markets (5c/word or more)

Apex Magazine
Buzzy Mag
Dark Discoveries (temporarily closed)
Jamais Vu
Nameless Magazine
Nightmare Magazine
Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

Semi-Pro (3c/word or more: $150 or more)

Abyss and Apex (6c/word to max of $75)
Another Dimension (3c/word: 3k limit)
Black Static (semi-pro to pro)
The Dark (dark fantasy: 3c/word: 5k limit)
Fantasy Scroll Mag
Lamplight ($150)
Read Short Fiction (5c/word, max $150: 3k limit)
See the Elephant (6c/word, max $200)
Spinetinglers (£100 for 1st place)
Stoneslide Corrective ($250)
The Strand Magazine ($25-$150)

Barstool Eyes

"...the only fuel you have to make the fire blaze on the page / screen is the stuff of your own being. An artist consumes his or herself in the act of making art."
[Clive Barker, 2009]