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Parkton exposed–or at least glimpsed…

May 21, 2012

Thanks to my pal Dave Schembri, the town of Parkton is coming to life in technicolor. Be warned, this is a nasty town, where humanity has become soiled in all manner of ways.

For some more teasing tidbits on Parkton, have a look here. There’ll be more coming soon, too.

I’ve based both of the novels I’ve written in this town; the first, 809 Jacob Street, deals with an old blues musician called Joey Blue and his struggle to regain his life, and the second, Finding Safe Ground, is about startling revelations that could thrust the world into war’s dark abyss.

Novel #3, which my crazy freak of a muse is yelling at me to begin, will likewise be nestled amongst Parkton’s dangerous embrace, and this will be a tale of life gone terribly wrong.

It has taken me years to create Parkton. I have a map drawn on A4 detailing all of the streets and shops, I have a notebook filled with info on the architecture, the surrounding flora and fauna, schools, societies, and the weather. I have detailed character sheets for bit characters like Alexander Styebern, the old man who works in the general store and is rarely seen out from behind his counter, and most importantly, I have a detailed history of the town, steeped in mysticism and occult practices.

It’s taken a while to compile this and to create Parkton, but it’s been fun. Sometimes it’s more fun than actually writing the story.

(don’t tell my muse I said that…)

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