Checklist of Australian Fantasy and Horror: H-M

HAILES, Nathaniel

The Soul’s Journey: A Metrical Fantasy Adelaide: the author 1856


Fern Porridge and Other Imagination Stories Brisbane: Watson Ferguson 1924

Children’s fantasy

HAMILTON, M. Lynn (Hamilton Lewis)

The Hidden Kingdom Melbourne: N. Wentworth- Evans, 1932, pp.141.

Hidden community in north-west Australia.

HAY, William (1875-1945)

An Australian Rip Van Winkle and Other Pieces, Being a Sketch-Book After the Style of Washington Irving London, Allen & Unwin, 1921, pp.199.

General fiction collection, including “An Australian Rip Van Winkle, reprinted in Ken Gelder (ed), The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994) and The Anthology of Colonial Australian Gothic Fiction (2007).

HAYES, Herbert Edward Elton

Summer Land: an Unconventional Fairy Tale for Children of All Ages Melbourne: Ramsey 1927, pp.129.

HEALY, Dominick (1890-?)

The Story of a Lost Planet, or, The Wonderful Submarine Sydney: Worker Trade Union Print 1911, pp.41

A Voyage to Venus Sydney: Currawong, 1943, pp.165.

Science fiction thriller.

HEINKEL, Stanford. Writing name for Hennell, Stan (a.k.a. Hennell, Stanford; Hennel, Stan; Hennell, S. )

King Rat Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950.


The Lost World of the Colorado Sydney: F. Warne, 1940, pp.256

HEMING, John W. (1900-1953)

Other Worlds Sydney: Currawong, 1942, pp.80.

A scientist, Richard Portess, and a boy, Billy Thomas, travel to Mercury and Venus where they discover various alien creatures.


The Living Dead Sydney: Currawong 1942.

Time Marches Off Sydney: Currawong 1942.  As Paul de Wreder.  Reprinted Sydney: Graham Stone, 1997, pp.80.


 The Ape Sydney: Currawong, 1942

In Aztec Hands Sydney: Currawong, 1942, pp.80.

A party of adventurers stumble upon an Aztec Ghost City in Coahuila, Mexico.


King of the Underseas Sydney: Currawong 1942, pp.64.

Peter Gill invents an apparatus to breath underwater and finds a lost civilisation.

Subterranean City Sydney: Currawong 1942.

After the End, or, Love Conquers All Sydney: Currawong 1942, pp. 97.

Mankind is wiped out by the “Wall of Death”.  End of the world story set in Sydney.


From Earth To Mars Sydney: Currawong 1943, pp.64.

Sequel to Other Worlds.  Richard and Billy travel to Mars and find a utopian society.

Pirate Fairies: A Fairy Thriller Sydney: Currawong 1943, pp.48.


Weird House Sydney: Currawong 1946, pp.64.

Comedy thriller set in a haunted manor house.

HENNESSEY, John David (1847-1935)

An Australian Bush Track London: Sampson Low, Marston 1896, pp.314.

A Lost Identity Sydney: Hennessey, Harper & Co, 1897, pp.208.

Occult fantasy.

The Caves of Shend London: Hodder & Stoughton 1915, pp.304.


This was a publisher’s house name used by several authors, among them G. C. Bleeck and Russell Hausfeld

X-ray Menace Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949. Bleeck

The Evil Sickness Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949.

Reprinted by Angela Challis and Marty Young, Macabre (2010)

The Curse of Blood Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949. Bleeck

Magnetic Peril Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949. Bleeck

Lightning Crime Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949 Bleeck

HERVEY, Michael (1920-1979)

Creeps Medley Hampton, Essex: Hampton Press, nd [194?], pp.64

19 stories, 6 fantasy.

Horror Medley Hampton, Essex: Hampton Press, nd [194?], pp.64

8 stories.

Murder Medley Hampton, Essex: Hampton Press, nd [194?], pp.32

8 stories.

The Queer Looking Box, Seven Gripping Mystery Stories London: Everybody’s Books, nd [194?], pp.32

7 stories.

The Silver Death London: Mitre Press, nd [194?], pp.32

Mystery thriller with SF trappings.

Strange Hunger London: Hamilton: nd [194?], pp.128

Science Fiction.

Death at My Heels London: The Mitre Press, 194?, pp. 32.

9 stories.

HESLOP, Val (1894-?)

The Lost Civilisation: A Story of Adventure in Central Australia Sydney: St George Publishing Co., 1936, pp.283.

HIGHAM, Charles 


Tales of Terror Sydney: Horwitz, 1961, 194pp.

‘The Screaming Skull’ and ‘The Upper Berth’ by F. Marion Crawford; ‘The Body Snatcher’ by Robert Louis Stevenson; ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ by W. W. Jacobs; ‘The Ace of Spades’ by A. M. Pushkin; ‘The Dead Hand’ by Wilkie Collins; ‘The Signalman’ by Charles Dickens; ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe; ‘Dracula’s Guest’ and ‘The Squaw’ by Bram Stoker.


Weird Stories Sydney: Horwitz, 1961, 127pp.

‘The Black Cat’ and ‘The Case of M. Valdemar’ by Edgar Allan Poe; ‘The Werewolf’ by Frederick Marryat; ‘Vendetta’, ‘Fear’, and ‘The Hand’ by Guy de Maupassant; ‘A Terribly Strange Bed’ and ‘The Dream Woman’ by Wilkie Collins; ‘Wicked Captain Walshawe’ by J. Sheridan le Fanu.


Tales of Horror Sydney: Horwitz, 1962, 160pp.

‘The Death Mask’ by H. D. Everett; ‘The White and the Black’ by Erckmann-Chatrian; ‘The Middle Toe of the Right Foot’ by Ambrose Bierce; ‘Berenice’ by Edgar Allan Poe; ‘The Haunted Station’ by Hume Nisbet; ‘Schalken the Painter’ by J. Sheridan le Fanu; ‘The Horla’ by Guy de Maupassant; ‘The Reptile’ by Augustus Muir.

The Curse of Dracula Sydney: Horwitz, 1962, 130pp.

The Curse of Dracula

‘The Curse of Dracula’ by Bram Stoker; ‘The Mummy’s Foot’ by Theophile Gautier; ‘The Unknown Island’ by H. T. W. Bousfield; ‘A Watcher by the Dead’ by Ambrose Bierce; ‘Man-Size in Marble’ by E. Nesbit; ‘El Verdugo’ by Honoré de Balzac.


Spine-Tingling Tales Sydney: Horwitz, 1962 (reprint 1965), 162pp.

‘Blood and Roses’ by J. Sheridan le Fanu; ‘The Devil of the March’ by H. B. Marriott-Watson [sic]; ‘The Unquiet Grave’ by F. M. Mayor; ‘The Tapestried Chamber’ by Sir Walter Scott; ‘The Phantom Coach’ by Amelia B. Edwards; ‘The Judge’s House’ by Bram Stoker.

Nightmare Stories

Nightmare Stories Sydney: Horwitz, 1962, 130pp.

‘The Mummy’s Curse’ by James Workman; ‘The Ghost of a Hand’ and ‘Sir Dominick’s Bargain’ by Sheridan le Fanu; ‘To Be Taken With a Grain of Salt’ by Charles Dickens; ‘A Horseman in the Sky’ by Ambrose Bierce; ‘The Sutor of Selkirk’ by Anonymous; ‘How the Third Floor Knew the Potteries’ by Amelia B. Edwards; ‘Whistler’s Mother’ by D. W. Preston; ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allan Poe.

HODDER, William Reginald


The Daughter of the Dawn London: Jarrold & Son, 1903, pp. 333.

Fantastic adventure set in New Zealand by New Zealand-born writer.


The Vampire London: Rider & Co, 1913, pp. 306.

Ultus, The Man from the Dead London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1916, pp. 184.


Blackmarket Brains Sydney: Transport Publishing, 1949, pp.49.

HOGAN, James Francis (1855-1924)

An Australian Christmas Collection: Stories, Sketches, Essays Melbourne: A. McKinley 1886.

The Lost Explorer: An Australian Story Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop & Co, 1890, pp.328.

Lost race.

HOLCOMBE, William Henry

Lazarus of Bethany The story of his Life in Both Worlds Melbourne: G. Robertson 1872, pp.211.

The experience of Lazarus in the unseen world.

HULL, Arthur Francis (1862-1945)

A Strange Experience and Other Stories for Christmas Hobart: Propsting & Cockhead 1888, pp.91.

General fiction collection, including the title story about personality transference, reprinted in James Doig, Australian Gothic (2007).

HUME, Fergus (1859-1932)

Professor Brankel’s Secret: A Psychological Study Melbourne: W.N. Baird, Railway Bookstalls, 1886, pp.87.

The Gentleman Who Vanished London: F.V. White 1890, pp.102.

Occult mystery.

The Year of Miracle: A Tale of the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred London: Routledge, 1891, pp.148.

Aladdin in London: A Romance London: A.C. Black 1892, pp.432.

The Island of Fantasy: A Romance (3 vols.) London: Griffith Farrar 1892, 3 vols.

The Chronicles of Faeryland: Fantastic Tales for Old and Young London: Griffith, Farrar, 1892, pp.191.

The Expedition of Captain Flick: A Romance, Being a Narrative of Strange Adventures by Sea and Land, as Related by Sir Dents Evans, of Shropshire, Dart., One of Those Who Shared in Such Perils London: Jarrold 1895, pp.363.


The Dwarf’s Chamber and Other Stories London: Ward Lock 1896, pp.386.

Includes a supernatural detective story, “The Green Stone God and the Stockbroker”.

Hagar of the Pawn-Shop London: Skeffington 1898, pp.252.

Female Gypsy detective collection with two supernarural detective stories, “Amber Beads” and “The Florentine Dante”.

The Devil-Stick London: Downey & Co. 1898, pp.250.

Mystery thriller of voodooism.

The Mother of Emeralds London: Hurst & Blackett, 1901, pp.337.

The Dancer in Red London: Digby, Long & Co. 1906, pp.277.

General fiction collection with several supernatural tales, including “The Ghost’s Touch”, “The Sand-Walker” and “A Colonial Banshee”.  The latter was reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

The Sacred Herb London: John Long, 1908, pp.319.

A Son of Perdition: An Occult Romance London: Rider, 1912, pp.403.


Breakthrough London: Chapman and Hall 1960

ISAACS, George

The Burlesque of Frankenstein, or the Man-Gorilla Melbourne: Clarson, Shallard & C0 1865, pp.30.  Reprinted Sydney: Graham Stone 1989.  A play.

Not For Sale: A Selection of Imaginative Pieces Adelaide: Sims & Elliott, City Steam Press 1869

JACOMB, Charles Edward (1888-?) 

And a New Earth London: Routledge, 1926, pp.239.

JAMESON, Malcolm

Bullard of the Space Patrol New York: World Publishing 1951


The Electric Gun: A Tale of Love and Socialism Sydney: Websdale, Shoesmith, 1911, pp.259.

A story of society in the future.

JUNOR, Charles (? – 1901)


Dead Men’s Tales Melbourne: G. Robertson 1898.

General fiction collection with some adventure and macabre stories, including “Dead Men’s Tales”, “The Silent Sepulchre”, “How the Curse was Sped”, and “The Elixir of Life”.


A pseudonym used by house authors at Transport Publishing, Sydney in the 1940s and 1950s.

Atomic Death Sydney: Associated General Publishing 1948, pp.49.

KENSCH, Otto (House name used by Russell Hausfeld and other authors)

The Curse of the Blood Sydney: Transport Publishing 194?


Death is a Habit Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949.

Dr Keritz can make Sid kill at the sound of the bell, and uses him to steal money.

Dimension X Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949.


Time Has a Door Sydney: Transport Publishing 1949.

Image of Death Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950.

Murder By Music Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950.


Murder Has Wings Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950.


Sleep is Death Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950.

Sci-fi horror.

Death by Atmosphere Sydney: Transport Publishing 1950


The Australian Crisis Melbourne: G. Robertson; and Melbourne: Lothian 1909, pp.335.

KNOWLES, Vernon Frank (1899-1968)

Papers are in the National Library of Australia.

The Street of Queer Houses and Other Stories New York: Boullion-Biggs 1924, pp.156.  Fantastic stories and fables, including the short supernatural horror vignette, “The Watch”.

The Street of Queer Houses and Other Tales London: Wells, Wells Gardner, Darton and Co 1925, pp.225.  Reprinted by Arno.

Fantastic stories and fables, including the short supernatural horror tale, “The House that Took Revenge”.

Here and Otherwhere London: Robert Holden 1926, pp.257.

Fantastic stories.  In “Here and Otherwhere” a bookshop is the entrance to Fairyland, birds revenge themselves on a ruler who shows ingratitude etc.

Silver Nutmegs London: Holden 1927, pp.202.

Fantastic stories.

The Ladder London: Mandrake Press 1929, pp.98.

Fantastic stories.

Two and Two Make Five London: Newnes 1935, pp.255.

Fantastic stories.

Sapphires: Here and Otherwhere and Silver Nutmegs New York: Arno 1978

Here and Otherwhere and Silver Nutmegs Montana: Kessinger 2003

“LANCE, Lancelot”

Hortense: A Study of the future Melbourne: Sands and McDougall 1906, pp.266.

LANE, William

White or Yellow?  A Story of the Race War of A.D. 1908 1888.  Under the pseudonym “Sketcher”.

LANG, John (1816-1864)

Botony Bay London: William Tegg 1859 (1860), pp.238.

General collection, including the first fictionalisation of “Fisher’s Ghost”.

LAW, Winifred

Through Space to the Planets Sydney: New Century Press, 1944, pp.174.


Rangers of the Universe Sydney: New Century Press 1945, pp.176.


LINDSAY, Philip (1906-1958)

The Little Wench London: Nicholson & Watson 1935, pp.483.

LITTLE, William (1839-1916)

Visit to Topos and How the Science of Heredity is Practised There Ballarat: Barry Anderson & Co., 1897, pp.28.



Jaws of Doom Sydney: Associated General Publications 1948, pp.49.

Whistle of Doom Transport Publishing 1948.

MACDONALD, Alexander (1878-1939)

The Lost Explorers: A Story of the Trackless Desert London: Blackie, 1907, pp.380.

The Invisible Island: A Story of the Far North of Queensland London: Blackie 1911, pp.360.

MACDONALD, Robert M. (Robert MacLauchlan) (1874 – ?)

The Moon God’s Treasure; A Tale of the Tropical Pacific London: T. Fisher Unwin 1905.

The Secret of the Sargasso, A Tale of Adventure London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1909, pp.368.

The Gold-Seekers: a Tale of Adventure: a Gold-Extracting Motor and the Sahara Desert London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1910.

MACKAY, Kenneth (1859 – 1935)

The Yellow Wave: A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia London: R. Bentley, 1895, pp.435.  Reprinted by Wesleyan University Press in 2003.


Neuroomia: A New Continent: A Manuscript Delivered by the Deep Melbourne: G Robertson, 1894, pp.307.

Lost race novel.

McLAREN, Jack (pseudonym of Ada Elizabeth, nee McKenzie, formerly Mrs. Moore)

Which Hath Been: A Novel of Reincarnation by Mrs. Jack McLaren London: Palmer 1928, pp.318.

Occult romance.

MAITLAND, Edward (1824 – 1897)

By and By, An Historical Novel of the Future London: Bentley 1873, 3 vols.  Reprinted Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America (USA) : Gregg Press, 1977

The Battle of Mordialloc, or How We Lost Australia Melbourne: Samuel Mullins 1888, pp.67.

MAPES, S. Herbert (? – 1945)

The Winged Avenger: A Romance and Adventure Sydney: Green, 1935, pp.194.

MARS, Alastair

Arctic Submarine Sydney: Horwitz, 1959, pp.224

Atomic Submarine: A Story of Tomorrow Sydney: Horwitz, 1959, pp.

MARTIN, A.E. (aka Martin, Archibald Edward) (1885-1955)


The Shudder Show Sydney: Bookstall Co., n.d.

MARTIN, Clarence W.

Ubique, the Scientific Bushranger, Illustrated by Lionel Lindsay Sydney: Bookstall Co. 1910, pp.212.

MARTIN, Mrs Pratchett

Coo-ee: Tales of Australian Life by Australian Ladies, ed. Mrs Patchett Martin, London: Richard Edwin King, 1891.  Includes Rosa Praed’s “The Bunyip”, which has been often anthologised, most recently in Gelder and Weaver (eds) The Anthology of Colonial Australian Gothic Fiction (2007).


Tassong’s Ghost: An Old-Time Story of the North Queensland Cane Fields Melbourne: D.W. Paterson, 1915, pp.63.


The Day After Tomorrow London: F.V. White, 1911, pp.310.

The Girdle of Kaf London: W.J. Ham-Smith 1912, pp.284.

MITCHELL, George Dean (1894 – 1961)

The Awakening Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1939, pp.222.

MOLESWORTH, Voltaire (1925-1964)

Molesworth is the subject of a special issue of Graeme Phillip’s fanzine, Cyaegha, #3, Autumn 2010.

Ape of God Sydney: Currawong 1943.

Science fiction thriller.

Monster at Large Sydney: Currawong 1943.

The Stratosphere Patrol Sydney: Transport Publishing 1943.

First of a trilogy of science fiction adeventures.

Spaceward Ho! Sydney: Transport Publishing 1943.

The Three Rocketeers Sydney: Transport Publishing 1944.


Satan’s Understudy Sydney: Currawong 1945, pp.63.


Wizard Returns Sydney: Currawong 1945, pp.64.


Wolfblood Sydney: Transport Publishing 1948.  Novelette.

Werewolf thriller.


Prelude For Death Sydney: Currawong 1945, pp.64

Blinded They Fly Sydney: Futurian Press 1950, pp.31.

Reprinted by Marty Young and Angela Challis, Macabre (2010), and Graeme Phillips, Cyaegha, #3, Autumn 2010

Let There Be Monsters! Sydney: Futurian Press 1952, pp.23.

Reprinted by Graeme Phillips, Cyaegha, #3, Autumn 2010

Arkaroo Forerunner: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Quarterly, Doublebay: NSW, 1952-3.

Reprinted by Graeme Phillips, Cyaegha, #3, Autumn 2010


Paying the Price London: Simpkin Marshall, 1906, pp.178.

MOORE-BENTLEY, Mary (Mrs H.H. Ling) (1865 – ca. 1959)

A Woman of Mars, or Australia‘s Enfranchised Woman Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop & Co. 1901, pp.262.

MORTON, Frank (1869-1923)

The Angel of the Earthquake Melbourne: Atlas Press 1909, pp.99.

Two stories.  The title story is a disaster story set in Wellington in 1960, the 2nd is an after-life fantasy.

MURPHY, George Read (1856 – 1925)

Beyond the Ice: a newly discovered Region around the North Pole, edited from Dr Frank Farleigh’s Diary London: Sampson Tow 1894, pp.326.

Utopian and religious.

MURRAY, George Gilbert Aimé (1866-1957)

Gobi or Shamo; A Story of Three Songs London: Longmans 1889, pp.376.

MUDGE, Bert (with GOLDIE, Albert) (1876 – 1954)

A Corner in Water Sydney: The Worker Trustees 1909, pp.208.

A-C, D-GN-Z.

Barstool Eyes

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