Checklist of Australian Fantasy and Horror: D-G

D., J.

Kingcraft and Priestcraft in 1971; or, a Review of a Curious Old MS. Written by my Great-Grandfather.  An Essay Delivered before the Sunday Free Discussion Society, at the Masonic Hall, on New Year’s Evening, 1971 Melbourne: Robert Bell, Printer, 1871.

DAVIES, Mary Catherine

Adventures with the Mermaids Sydney: S. Wood, 1930, pp.128

DAWE, W. Carlton (1865-1935)


The Golden Lake: or, the Marvellous History of a Journey through the Graet Lone Land of Australia London: Trischler, 1890, pp.284.

Lost race novel.

Yellow and White London: John Lane, 1895, pp.172. 

General fiction collection, including the horror story “Coolies”, reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed), Victorian Nightmares (1977).


Kakemonos: Tales of the Far East London: John Lane, 1897, pp.217.

General fiction collection.

The Forbidden Shrine London: Ward, Lock 1926

Euryale in London: A Romance of the Past and Present London: Ward, Lock 1922

The Mighty Arm London: John Long 1919

The Woman With Yellow Eyes London: John Long: 1917

The Super-Barbarians London: John Lane 1915

The Shadow of Evil London: Werner Laurie 1913

The Black Spider London: Eveleigh Nash 1911

The New Andromeda London: Eveleigh Nash 1909


The Woman, the Man, and the Monster New York: Stuyvesant Press 1909

Zantha Melbourne: William Inglis 1886

DAWSON, W.H. (1857-1928)

Forcasts of the Future in Modern Literature Tasmania: Hobart News Office, 1899, pp.10.

First known critical SF work.

DEAMER, Dulcie (1890-1972)

In the Beginning: Six Studies of the Stone Age, and Other Stories Melbourne: Sydney Gordon & Gotch, 1909, pp.232.

Historical fantasy stories including an unusual feminist werewolf story, “Hallow’een”, which is reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

The Devil’s Saint London: Unwin, 1924, pp.315

Witchcraft and demonology in the Middle Ages.

As It Was in the Beginning Melbourne: Frank Wilmot, 1929, pp.64.

Holiday Sydney: Frank Johnson 1936

A series of reincarnations.


State Contentment: An Allegory London: The Newsagents’ and Publishing Co., 1870, pp.58.

DEVANNY, Jean (birth name: Crook, Jane)

The Ghost Wife London: Duckworth 1935

DORRINGTON, Albert (1874-1953)

Children of the Cloven Hoof London: Mills and Boon 1911

Our Lady of the Leopards London: Mills & Boon, 1911, pp.314.

The Radium Terrors London: Eveleigh Nash, 1912, pp.316.

The Half-God London: Wright & Brown, 1933, pp.250.

A Door in the Desert London: Hutchinson 1927


Colymbia London: Trubner, 1873, pp.255.

Utopian story of an underwater country linked with a Pacific island.

DUGDALE, Henrietta (1826 – 1918)

A Few Hours in a Far-Off Age Melbourne: McCarron & Bird, 1883, pp.105.

Feminist utopia set in the land of Alethia, a new continent that has appeared after Australia has sunk beneath the waves.

DWYER, James Francis (1874-1952)

The White Waterfall New York: Doubleday, Page, 1912, pp.288

Breath of the Jungle Chicago: McCurg, 1915, pp.356.

Adventure stories, some of which are supernatural, including “The Phantom Ship of Dirk Van Tromp”, which was reprinted in the Avon Fantasy Reader 18 (1952).

Evelyn, Something More Than a Story New York: Vanguard, 1929, pp.214

Mixture of spiritualism and drama.

Hespamora London: Methuen, 1935, pp.279

The City of Cobras London: Jenkins, 1938, pp.284

The Golden Octopus Colorado: Pulpdom 2003

Cold-Eyes London: Methuen 1934

O Splendid Sorcery London: Sampson Low 1930

The Green Half-Moon Illinois: A.C. McClurg 1915

DYSON, Edward (1865-1931)

Below and On Top Melbourne: G. Robertson, 1898,  pp.327.

General fiction collection including “The Trucker’s Story”, reprinted in Gordon Neil Stewart (ed), Australian Stories of Horror and the Supernatural From the Early Days (1978) and Ken Gelder (ed), The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994).

ERNST, Olga Dorothea Agnes

Fairy Tales from the Land of the Wattle Melbourne: McCarron, Bird & Co., 1904, pp.93

Magic Shadow Show Melbourne: G. Robertson, 1913, pp.32

Short fantasies.

EDMUND James (1859-1933)

A Journalist and Two Bears. Sydney: Platypus Press, 1913, pp.236.  Illustrated by Norman Lindsey.

Sketches, poems and stories with fantasy elements.  Notable for “The Prophetic Horror of the Great Experiment.”


A name used for the collaborations between Marjorie Faith Barnard (1897 -1987) and Flora Sydney Patricia Eldershaw (1897-1956).

Tomorrow and Tomorrow Melbourne: Georgian House, 1947, pp.466.  Reprinted in an uncensored version as Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow London: Virago, 1983, pp.456.

Set in the 24th century; uses a historian from the future, Knarf, as a means to view Australia’s past and future.


The Gold Miner in the Northern Territory, then the Battle of Armageddon Melbourne: Wilke 1950.

FAVENC, Ernest (1845-1908)

The Secret of the Australian Desert London: Blackie, 1896, pp.223.

Marooned on Australia: Being the Narration By Diedrich Buys of His Discoveries and Exploits in Terra Australis Incognita About the Year 1630 London: Blackie & Son, 1897, pp.224.

Lost race novel set in northern Australia.

The Last of Six: Tales of the Austral Tropics Sydney: Bulletin Co. 1893, pp.141; reprinted in the following year with additions as Tales of the Austral Tropics London: Osgood, McIlvaine, 1894, pp. 275.  Reprinted with critical apparatus by Cheryl Taylor in 1997 as Tales of the Austral Tropics Kensington NSW: UNSW Press, 1997, pp. 211.

General fiction collection with several supernatural and macabre tales.  “Spirit-Led” and “A Haunt of the Jinkarras” are reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

My Only Murder and Other Tales Sydney and Melbourne: G. Robertson, 1899, pp.243.

General fiction collection with several supernatural and macabre tales.  “The Red Lagoon” is in Ken Gelder (ed) Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994); “A Boundary Rider’s Story” is reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

“The Land of the Unseen” from Phil May’s Annual (Winter, 1902) was reprinted in George Locke (ed.), Land of the Unseen: Lost Supernatural Stories 1828-1902 London: Ferret Fantasy, 1973, pp.110, and in Angela Challis and Marty Young, Macabre, Perth: Brimstone, 2010.

FARJEON, Benjamin Leopold (1838-1903)


Devlin the Barber London: Ward & Downey, 1888, pp.191

Occult mystery.

A Strange Enchantment London: F. V. White, 1889, pp.102

The Last Tenant London: Hutchinson, 1893, pp.320

Something Occurred London: Routledge, 1893, pp.328.

Samuel Boyd of Catchpole Square London: Hutchinson, 1899, pp.389.

The Mesmerists London: Hutchinson, 1900, pp.400.

The Clairvoyante London: Hutchinson, 1905, pp.277.

FAUCETT, Francis

Thou Must Write: A Bushman’s Story Sydney: E. Cunning 1886, pp11, 12.

The ghost story “A Bushman’s Story” is reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

FERRAR, William M.

The Dream of Ubertus Hobart: J. Walch & Sons, 187-, pp.36

A Short Fantastic Tale of Sparta, Artabanzanus: The Demon of the Great Lake: an Allegorical Romance of Tasmania Arranged From the Diary of the Late Oliver Ubertus London: Elliot Stock, 1896, pp.314.

A moral allegory of the nether world.

FORBES, George

Under the Broad Arrow: Australia’s Most Remarkable Criminal: The Pathetic History of Jane New and the Monstrous Record of Her Evil Genius Sydney: Truth Popular Press 1910

Adventures in the South Seas  London: George Harrap, 1920, pp.252.

A historical, juvenile fantasy which was originally a serial in the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

FORD, Will

The Light of Mars: An Extraordinary Communication Sydney: Co-operative Printing Works, 1907, pp.52.


The Seer London: Hutchinson 1935

FORTUNE, Mary (c.1833-c1910)

 Under the psuedonym Waif Wander, Mary Fortune authored the longest-running early detective serial known, the Detective’s Album, which appeared in the Australian Journal between 1867-1908.  She also wrote Gothic serials for the Australian Journal such as “Clyzia the Dwarf” and several supernatural tales, including “The White Maniac: A Doctor’s Tale,” “The Phantom Hearse,” “The Illumined Grave,” “The Ghostly White Gate,” and “The Spirits of the Tower,” all of which have been anthologised in recent years.


Three Murder Mysteries, ed. Lucy Sussex Canberra: Mulini Press 2009, pp. 74

Includes “In the Cellar”, “The Hart Murder”, and “The Phantom Hearse”.

FORSYTH, Archibald (1826-1908)

Rapara, or, The Rights of the Individual in the State Sydney: William Dymock 1897, pp.296.


The Hocus Root Sydney: Hogbin and Poole Ltd 1944, pp.155.

An invisible man story.

FOX, Lady Mary

Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland London: Richard Bentley, 1837, pp. 243.

Lost race.

FRASER, Joseph

Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets: Extracts from the Diary of a Melbourne Merchant Melbourne: Pater & Knapton, 1889, pp.104.

Utopian fantasy.



 Bridge Over Dark Gods: An Occult Novel London: Rider & Co., 1946


A Visit to Blestland Melbourne: G. Robertson 1896

Utopian lost race novel.

GEACH, Edwina Catherine (1870-1905)

From the Soul of the Ti-Tree Melbourne: Lothian, 1909, pp.94

Fantasies and verse.

An Elfin Land Melbourne: Endacott, 1914, pp.28

GILMORE, Anthony (Desmond W. Hall and Harry Bates)

Space Hawk New York: Greenberg, 1952. Original series appeared in the 1930s in Astounding Stories.

GLASKIN, G.M. (Gerald Marcus) (1923-2000)

A Change of Mind London: Barrie & Rockliff, 1959, pp.232.

GLENNING, R. (writing name for Alan Geoffrey Yates, or Carter Brown)

The Corpse Sat Up Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 1951.

Seven for Murder Sydney: Transport Publishing, Scientific Thriller 1951.

GORDON, Edward

The Christmas Gift and Other Stories Bendigo: Bolton Bros. 1913, pp.58.

General fiction collection with some fantasy stories.

GRANT, Robert; O’REILLY, John Boyle; WHEELWRIGHT, John T; J.S. of Dale

The King’s Men: A Tale of To-morrow New York: Scribner 1884, pp.270.


The Fallen Race New York and Chicago: F.T. Neely, 1892, pp.352.

Lost race novel.


The Magic Billabong Sydney: John Sands c.1921

Children’s fantasy.

The Cave of a Thousand Columns London: Hutchinson & Co, 1938, pp.288.

GREENER, Leslie (1900-1974)

Moon Ahead! New York: Viking 1951, pp.256.  Illustrated by William Pene Du Bois.


The Wizard Boatman of the Nile and Other Tales from Egypt London: Harrap 1957

Children’s stories


A Honeymoon in Space London: C.A. Pearson, 1901, pp.302.

Written while on a visit to Australia in 1899-1900.

GRIMSHAW, Beatrice (1871-1953)

The Beach of Terror and Other Stories London: Cassell, 1931, pp.317

Includes “The Blanket Fiend”.

The Valley of Never-Come-Back London: Hurst and Blackett, 1923, pp.827

Sorceror’s Stone London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1914, pp.273

A-CH-M, N-Z.

Barstool Eyes

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