Checklist of Australian Fantasy and Horror: A-C


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Rationalised supernatural horror.


The Melbourne Riots, Or How Harry Holdfast and His Friends Emancipated The Workers Melbourne: Andrade & Co., 1892, pp. 67.


Oo-a-Deen; or, The Mysteries of the Interior Unveiled 1847

Published in Corio Chronicle and Western Districts Advertiser, October 1847


Account of a Race of Human Beings with Tails Discovered by Mr. Jones, the Traveller, in the Interior of New Guinea Melbourne: A. T. Mason 1872, pp.34


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ANONYMOUS (Alfred Deakin)

New Pilgrim’s Progress Melbourne: W.H. Terry, 1877, pp. 258.

Allegorical fantasy.


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Includes Abbott, J.H.M, “The Raid on Sydney”; Calle, Boyd, “An Episode”; Cox, Erle, “The Social Code”.


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Includes Hervey, Michael, “Strange Ancestors”.


Every Boy’s Adventure Omnibus Sydney: Associated General Publications, 1952, pp.126.

Includes Carter, Ace “Devouring Comet”.

ARMOUR, John (1889-1954)

Burning Air London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1928, pp.312.

Adventure thriller with marginal sci-fi content.

The Werewolf of Elphinstone London: Amalgamated Press, 1922

Children’s novel


The Dead Man’s Ghost: A Blank-Verse Tragedy in One Act Sydney: Vision Press 1923

BARRY, J.A. (1850-1911)

In The Great Deep London: Methuen, 1896, pp.320.

General fiction collection. Contains “A Derelict” reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed), Gaslit Nightmares (1988).

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General fiction collection. Contains “Dead Man’s Camp”, reprinted in Gordon Neil Stewart (ed.), Australian Stories of Horror and the Supernatural from the Early Days (1978).

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General fiction collection. Contains “The Red Warder of the Reef”, reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed.), Victorian Tales of Terror (1974).

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General fiction collection.

BATT, Leon (c.1903 – ?)

Formula for Power Sydney: Pinnacle Press, 1942

BAYLDON, Arthur Alfred Dawson (1865-1958)

The Tragedy Behind the Curtain and Other Stories Sydney: S. D. Townsend 1910, pp.209.

General fiction collection with some supernatural and horror stories, including the occult short story, “Dr Grahame’s Great Experiments”, and the sea horror story “Benson’s Flutter for a Fortune”, in which divers are eaten by giant stone-fish.

BAYNTON, Barbara (1857-1929)

Bush Studies London: Duckworth 1902, pp.155.

Classic collection of non-supernatural “grim” tales, including “A Dreamer”, “Scrammy ‘And” and “The Tramp”.

BECKE, Louis (1855-1913)

By Reef and Palm London: T. Fisher Unwin 1894, pp.220.

General fiction collection, including “A Basket of Breadfruit”, “Enderby’s Courtship”, and “The Revenge of Macy O’Shea”, all reprinted in Gordon Neil Stewart (ed), Australian Stories of Horror and Suspense in the Early Days (1978).

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General fiction collection, including “Lupton’s Guest: A Memory of the South Pacific”, reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007), and “A Dead Loss”, reprinted in Bill Wannan (ed) Australian Horror Stories (1983).

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General fiction collection, includes “Dr Ludwig Schalbe, South Sea Savant”, reprinted in Bill Wannan (ed), Australian Horror Stories (1983).

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General fiction collection, includes “The Cutting Off of the Queen Charlotte”, reprinted in the anthology, Thrillers (1929).

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General fiction collection.

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General fiction collection.

BEER, Alec

The Foot of Time: A Novel of Australia and the South Seas Sydney: Deaton and Spencer 1933

Ghost Stories Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1935, pp.47.

Radio plays turned to prose; forgettable collection.

BELL, George W.

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A fictional visit to New Zealand.

BENNETT, Margot (1903-?)

The Long Way Back London: Bodley Head, 1954, pp.206.

BINNS, Ottwell

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Independence; A Retrospect.  From the “Reminiscences, Home and Colonial” of Charles Ashwold Bland London: Harrison and Sons, 1891, pp.56.

BLEECK, Gordon Clive (1907-1971)

Bleeck’s papers are in the National Library of Australia.


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Mysterious resurrection of an ancient Egyptian priest in the nineteenth century.

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General fiction collection, including “With Three Phantoms”, reprinted in Ken Gelder (ed), The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994).

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Nikola novel.


Dr Nikola’s Experiment London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1899, pp.340.

Farewell, Nikola” London: Ward Lock, 1901, pp.315

The Curse of the Snake London: White, 1902, pp.312.

Uncle Joe’s Legacy and Other Stories London: White, 1902, pp.312.

General fiction collection, including the fine supernatural tale “Remorseless Vengeance”, reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed) Tales From a Gas-lit Graveyard (1979), and Leigh Blackmore (ed) Terror Australis (1993).

The Lady of the Island London: Long, 1904, pp.267.

General fiction collection including “A Professor of Egyptology”, “The Black Lady of Bring Tor”, and “A Strange Goldfield”.  “The Black Lady of Brin Tor” was reprinted in Hugh Lamb (ed) Victorian Tales of Terror (1974), and “A Strange Goldfields in Hugh Lamb (ed) Victorian Nightmares (1977) and Angela Challis and Marty Young, Macabre (2010).

A Crime of the Under Seas, and Other Stories London: Ward Lock, 1905, pp.347.

General fiction collection

For Love of Her London: Ward Lock, 1905, pp.341.

General fiction collection, including the black magic tale “The Death Child”, reprinted in James Doig (ed) Australian Gothic (2007).

BORLASE, James Skipp (1839-?)

The Night Fossickers and Other Tales of Peril and Adventure London: Warne, 1867, pp.248.  General fiction collection including the supernatural tale “Mystery and Murder”, which was actually penned by Mary Fortune.  At least four of the stories in this collection were lifted from other writers without acknowledgement.

BOYD, Hannah Villiers

A Voice from Australia; or an Inquiry into the Probability of New Holland Being Connected With the Prophecies Relating to the New Jerusalem and the Spiritual Temple Sydney: Robert Barr, 1851, pp.204.  Revised edition London: Partridge & Co, 1856.

BRIDGES, Roy (1885-1952)


 The Silver Mirror London: Hutchinson1927

A series of connected stories about a cursed mirror that lets the owner see the violent things that has happened in its presence in the past.

BRISBANE, Coutts (pseudonym of Armour, Robert Coutts) (1874 – 1942)

The Vanishing Three London: Amalgamated Press, 1932, pp.96.

Wheels of Fortune London: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, 1948, pp.219.

Children’s historical fantasy.

Denizens of Other Worlds London: Murqui Press 1984.

Collects twelve science fiction stories from amongst eighty that Brisbane published in Red Magazine and Yellow Magazine from 1910 to 1922.


The Discriminators Melbourne: R.A. Thompson & Co, 1906.

CARTER, Charles (“Karta”)

The Island of Justice Melbourne: Gordon & Gotch, 1901, pp.176.  Under the pseudonym “Karta”.


Road to the Moon: A Great Occult Story Sydney: Yates and Mann, 1924, pp.48

CHICK, Valerie

Of Things Entire: A Fantasy Sydney: S. Mingay Publishing, 1941, pp.81.


Mark Meredith: A Tale of Socialism Melbourne: Edgerton & Moore, 1905, pp.192.

CLARKE, Marcus (1846-1881)

Old Tales of a Young Country Melbourne: Mason, Firth & McCutcheon, 1871, pp.210.

General fiction collection, including “Governor Ralph Darling’s Iron Collar”, reprinted in Neil Gordon Stewart (ed), Australian Stories of Horror and the Supernatural (1978), and “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”, reprinted in Bill Wannan, Australian Horror Stories (1983).

The Mystery of Major Molineux and Human Repetends Melbourne: Cameron, Liang, 1881, pp.83

First story is reprinted in Ken Gelder and Rachael Weaver (eds) The Anthology of Colonial Australian Gothic Fiction (2007), and the second is in Ken Gelder (ed) The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories (1994).

Sensational Tales Sydney: E.R. Cole, 1885, pp.91.

Four adventure, mystery and supernatural stories: “The Golden Island”, “The Mind-Reader’s Curse”, “The Dual Experience”, “The Mysterious Coincidence”.


The Valley Council, or, Leaves from the Journal of Thomas Bateman of Canbelago Station, N.S.W. London: Sampson Low, 1891, pp.356.  Reprinted dropping the subtitle London:Faudel Phillips n.d.(1898).

An account of a. advanced race in the Australian outback.

COLLAS, Phil (Collas, Felix Edward ) (1907 – 1989)

The Inner Domain Sydney: Graham Stone, 1996, pp.33.  Original story appeared in Amazing Stories, October 1935.

COLLINS, Dale (1897 – 1956)

Race the Sun London: Constable, 1936, pp.311.  Extract appeared as a 24 page supplement to the Australian Women’s Weekly c.1936.

CONNELL, Alan (1916 – )

Lords of Serpent Land Sydney: Currawong, 1945, pp.62.

Prisoners of Serpent Land Sydney: Currawong, 1945, pp.59.


Warriors of Serpent Land Sydney: Currawong, 1945, pp.63.

Swordsmen of Rome Sydney: Currawong, 1945, pp.64.

COOPER-MATHIESON, Veni (Mrs. Amanda Malvina Thorley Gibson)

A Marriage of Souls: A Metaphysical Novel Perth: “Truth Seeker” Publishing Co., 1914, pp.702.

Occult romance.

COX, Erle Harold (1873-1950)

Out of the Silence Melbourne: Vidler 1925. British edition London: Hamilton, 1925, pp.318.

Important Australian science fiction novel originally serialised in the Melbourne Argus.  Copyright registered manuscript is in the National Archives of Australia.

Fool’s Harvest Melbourne: Robertson and Mullens, 1938, pp.194.

Australia is invaded by an oriental power.

The Missing Angel Melbourne: Robertson and Mullens, 1947, pp.298.

Humorous fantasy; deal with the devil.

Pact with the devil humerous tale.

CRONIN, Bernard (1884-1968) Used psuedonym Eric North

Papers are at the National Library of Australia.

Three Against the Stars: A. Merrit’s Fantasy Magazine, July 1950

Originally serialised in the Melbourne Herald in 1924. Also serialised in Argosy Weekly in 1938.  Novelette

The Treasure of the Tropics London: Ward, Lock & Co, 1928, pp. 256.

Lost race.

Toad London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1929, pp.320.

Originally serialised as The Green Flame in the Melbourne Herald in 1928.  Also serialised in Argosy Weekly in 1940.


The Ant Men Philadelphia: John C. Winston, 1955, pp.216.

The Second Sphere: Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, October1956

D-G, H-M, N-Z.

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