Australian Horror History

[These pages have been captured from the old AHWA website, and stored here so they’re not lost. James Doig went to a hell of a lot of work putting this together so it shouldn’t be lost.]

Australia has a surprisingly long and rich history of publishing and reading supernatural and horror fiction.  From the mid-nineteenth century, when magazines and periodicals began to be published in large numbers, there was a wide reading public for tales of romance, adventure, crime and horror.

This section provides a checklist of Australian fantasy and horror fiction up to 1960, and an index of anthologies containing colonial horror fiction.  These resources will provide the interested reader with a useful starting point for exploring Australia’s dark past.

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Checklist of Australian Fantasy and Horror Fiction to 1960: A-C, D-G, H-M, N-Z.

Anthologies of Colonial Horror Fiction

Updates to Australian Horror History Pages

22 October 2011: cover images added to PAUL VALDEZ section; Leigh Blackmore kindly sent cover images for two CHARLES HIGHAM anthologies and for Terrifying Tales by JAMES WORKMAN; cover image added to L. FURZE-MORRISH section; Terror Australis and Shudders and Shakes added to Anthologies page.

24 October 2011: new images added for G.C. Bleeck, Otto Kensch, J.W. Heming and Vol Molesworth.

30 October: added images for W. Carlton Dawe, Mrs Rosa Praed, Hume Nisbet and Mary Fortune.

29 November: images added for Reginald Hodder and William Sylvester Walker.

Barstool Eyes

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