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Welcome to the scotch-addled mind of a deviant writer and mad scientist…

“This is a writer cutting his own way through horror, and I can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.”
– Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Dead City

It’s Alive! ALIVE! [Or Recently Published…]
"...a must-have for all good bookcases."
Lee Murray

This inaugural showcase anthology features the work of just a handful of the many talented and darkly imaginative authors who make up the Australian Horror Writers’ Association.

Winner of the Australian Shadows Award for Best Edited Works 2015!

Fiction and non-fiction. Reality and make-believe. Can you draw the line between the two? Do you know where real horror starts?
Every story opens with: "Kelvin pressed against the wound as blood seeped around his hands."

And ends with: "Watching the train disappear into the night, he brought the flower to his nose before tossing it to the tracks."

This anthology is the amazing result.
"The Refuge Collection is the most ambitious shared-world horror series to come out of Australia. A horror collection that is both relevant and worthy, a rarity in an often insulated field."
Aaron Sterns, Wolf Creek 2 co-writer and Award-Winning Author.


Barstool Eyes

"...the only fuel you have to make the fire blaze on the page / screen is the stuff of your own being. An artist consumes his or herself in the act of making art."
[Clive Barker, 2009]