Marty Young is a Bram Stoker-nominated and Australian Shadows Award-winning writer and editor, and sometimes ghost hunter.

Marty was the founding President of the Australian Horror Writers Association from 2005-2010, and one of the creative minds behind the internationally acclaimed Midnight Echo magazine, for which he also served as Executive Editor until mid-2013.

When he’s not writing stories or editing anthologies, he’s a Director at MGPalaeo, a leading palynological consultancy company. As part of that, he often finds himself in the deep dark jungles of Papua New Guinea, no doubt wondering what the hell he’s doing there.

Marty Young

May 19, 2020

My novel Gutterbreed comes out June 21 (and is available for pre-order now!), so I really should do a bit of promotion, I guess! Gutterbreed is indeed a dark book, though. Be warned, there is sadism in it, necrophilia, rape (not of the kind you’d expect), and all sorts of other nastiness...
Gutterbreed by Marty Young

May 5, 2020

So as this surreal and life-changing pandemic world continues, let's turn from those nightmares for a bit and celebrate what some awesome Aussie/Kiwi writers of nightmares are doing.
Sole Survivor Zachary Ashford

April 19, 2020

Humanity’s push into space is surging ahead, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, while the search for extra-terrestrial life has long stopped being a laughing matter. Yes I’m a horror writer, but I’m also a space nut, and this excites me immensely.
Marty Young Horror Writer

April 5, 2020

Well, who's for 2021? As I said in my Dropbears and Taniwha column for the HWA this month, please stay safe in these troubled times. It’s spooky out there, and we’re not through the worst of it, yet.
SNAFU Medivac
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Marty Young
Marty Young Australian Shadows

Adventures in Ghost Hunting

As my bio states, I’m a sometimes ghost hunter, or I guess to be more accurate, a paranormal investigator. And while this aspect of my career is in its infancy, I have taken part in some fantastic investigations.

I plan on taking part in a lot more, too, coming at each case from a scientific perspective. For now, while I delve deeper into the mysteries of the paranormal, here are links to the two main investigations I’ve taken part in:

  • Muncaster Castle