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The Wonderfully Horrific World of Female Horror Writers

February 6, 2015

In January 2014, I ran a Horror Roundtable for the HWA called Sexism in Horror, and after that discussion, I went to my bookcase and considered the novels I owned. About eighty percent of them were by male writers.

It wasn’t something done on purpose. Those who know me know I’m anything but sexist. It’s just that somehow, over the years, I had tended towards male writers. Heck, when I’m selecting a book, I don’t really consider the author unless I’m a fan of theirs; it’s more what the story sounds like. And often, I don’t know if the writer is male or female; it doesn’t matter to me. It’s not something I try to find out. I’m embarrassed to admit that for many years, I thought Kim Newman was a woman. It wasn’t until I started chatting to him for a Roundtable that I realized my mistake!

I was also asked by my writer friend Gillian Polack to write a post on any female artist I admired for Women in Horror Month that following February, but due to my crazy schedule at the time, I couldn’t get it done. So I made a goal to only read novels by female writers during 2014 and to write an article covering this for next year’s Women in Horror Month. This rambling piece is the end result.

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