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Blurring the Line update

January 21, 2015

I’m super excited to show off the cover for Blurring the Line. It’s fantastic!

Dean from Thirteen Media Ltd did a brilliant job.

I will be making the final acceptances/rejections over the next two weeks, so if you’re waiting to hear from me, the wait is almost over.

Most of the solicited stories have come in, and my publisher and I will be announcing the line up bit by bit over the coming weeks, just to string you all along some. Might even give sneak peaks at the internal artwork, too, but we’ll see. I also have the non-fiction material almost all sorted, and that content is all kinds of wonderful and weird.

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Currently Working On:

Latest Novel: Motel of Blades is now sitting at 33,099 words. this will be a demented joyride into the depths of insanity and depravity…

Blurring the Line: Cover revealed (and it rocks!), and the final acceptances/rejections will be made over the next couple of weeks. The anthology is coming together well. Full details of the anthology can be found here.

The Midnight Tree novels – how far would one man go to get to the truth? and how far would those he has wronged go to extract their terrible revenge?

Update: the first three books have been edited, so I’ll soon be delving back into these books to address the issues identified. Very likely these books will be self-published.

The titles in this series thus far are:

Revelations (Book I)

The Midnight Tree (Book II)

A Plague of Locusts (Book III)

Things to see and do at Marty’s World:

There’s free fiction to whet your appetite (and more due to be added), plus an article on Ghost Hunting, written after an adventure at Muncaster Castle in the UK.

You could visit Parkton, where odd things happen more often than they should (pack a lunch, cos a day trip could turn into weeks)…

There’s a page dedicated to the Bram Stoker-nominated and Australian Shadows Award-winning Macabre, and another on Writer’s Resources.

There are more attractions on their way as the local government has just agreed to invest into improving the infrastructure to support the budding tourist attractions. I even hear there is going to be a page on Palynology, so when the next person says ‘huh?’ when I explain what my day job involves, I can point them here…


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